Reaching New TV Show Viewers with Precision

07/26/2016 05:00 am

As of the Rentrak merger, comScore added tens of millions of set-top boxes to its already massive measurement scale. With this unmatched scale comes the unique ability to target audiences with precision and accuracy based on their past viewing patterns.

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comScore Plan Metrix, Now with Mobile Data!

07/20/2016 06:00 am

We’ve offered tools that enable the identification of advanced audience targets for many years, but today we’re proud to announce that we’re expanding the capabilities of Plan Metrix, part of our flagship Media Metrix solution that connects buyers’ and prospects’ attitudes and interests with their online behavior. As of today, Plan Metrix will now offer our clients the ability to understand an audience’s extended demographics and psychographics on both desktop and mobile, which has traditionally been more difficult to define. These extended audience views enable our clients to connect audience desktop activity to app visitation, resulting in better optimized and more effective media plans.

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Premium Publishers Drive Much Higher Brand Lift, Particularly Mid-Funnel

07/15/2016 05:10 am

One of the key findings from the research demonstrated that ads appearing on DCN premium publishers were significantly more effective in driving brand lift. While some of this effect was due to higher ad viewability on premium sites, the more significant driver was the halo effect of appearing on these sites.
The study began by comparing the brand lift effectiveness of ads delivered on these sites according to the metric brand lift at one impression, which is a calculation of impressions-weighted brand lift. Across a number of effectiveness metrics, ads appearing on DCN sites outperformed those on non-DCN sites by 67%, with an average brand lift of 0.89 vs. 0.53.
Furthermore, the research examined brand lift effectiveness for the DCN and non-DCN publisher sets across different phases of the marketing funnel:

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comScore in Journal of Advertising Research on How Marketers Can Minimize Losses Caused by Bogus Web Traffic

07/08/2016 07:24 am

In the following article entitled “Fraud in Digital Advertising: A Multibillion-Dollar Black Hole,” comScore Co-Founder and Chairman Emeritus Gian Fulgoni identifies a variety of creative and sophisticated ways for smart marketers, faced with the challenges of digital ad fraud, to ensure they can still reach their target segments in a cost-effective manner. The article was recently published in the June 2016 issue of the Journal of Advertising Research and is reprinted with permission.

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The State of Mobile News Audiences in 3 Charts

07/08/2016 05:00 am

  1. Mobile audiences are growing faster in the News/Information category than they are for the Total Mobile Population.

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