Viewability, Online Video and Social Media

02/12/2015 07:35 am

  1. Viewability
  2. Online Video
  3. Social Media

We can identify three hot topics on digital media on a global level as well.

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comScore and Kantar Partner on Global Cross-Media Audience and Campaign Measurement

02/12/2015 04:33 am

As the data investment management arm of WPP, Kantar is one of the world's largest insight, information and consultancy groups. Kantar, whose services are employed by over half of the Fortune 500, has built a tremendous set of assets that are complementary to those that we’ve built at comScore and offers its clients insight at every point of the consumer cycle.

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Measurement Proves the Effectiveness of Mobile Advertising

02/11/2015 08:25 am

With fat finger syndrome known to inflate click-through rates on mobile, advertisers are turning to other metrics to gauge the effectiveness of their ads. Brand metrics such as aided awareness, favorability, likelihood to recommend, and purchase intent can help illustrate at which phase of the purchase funnel consumers are being influenced. Comparing these metrics across each platform used in the campaign can also assist in making more optimal allocations.

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Good News for Digital Publishers: Most Have Low Levels of Non-Human Traffic

02/06/2015 07:15 am

So what does NHT look like across publisher sites? The illustration below highlights that there are many high quality publishers who deliver inventory that is virtually free of NHT, while a very small percentage of poor-performing publishers are giving the rest of the ecosystem a bad name. In fact, the Top 50 percent of publisher websites ranked by lowest incidence of NHT have less than 1 percent NHT. The Top 80 percent of publishers have less than 3 percent NHT, and the top 85 percent have less than 5 percent NHT, indicating that the vast majority of sites perform well in limiting this issue. It is only in the lowest-performing 15 percent of publishers where NHT is a sizeable problem greatly in need of serious mitigation efforts.

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Ad Fraud and Non-Human Traffic: How Rampant is the Problem?

02/04/2015 08:51 am

In our analysis of hundreds of digital ad campaigns, we found that levels of NHT can vary greatly and that a small number of the worst performing campaigns generate the lion’s share of all NHT impressions. While it can be very difficult for campaigns to be 100 percent clear of NHT, the positive news is that the vast majority of campaigns had minimal levels of NHT while a smaller percentage had moderate to high levels of NHT:

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