Kantar and comScore expand upon partnership, add SimilarWeb

04/29/2016 04:48 am

Since early 2015, Kantar and comScore have been collaborating in international markets, bringing together our expertise in technology, complementary data assets and consumer panels to develop world-class solutions in cross-platform audience and campaign measurement, brand measurement and sales effectiveness.  We are now expanding this partnership to the North American market.   As part of this effort, Kantar will transition clients and employees from its Millward Brown Digital Intelligence unit (formerly Compete) to comScore, and we will make our comprehensive digital behavioral data available, via license, to Kantar companies.

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Understanding CNN's Unduplicated Cross-Media Audience Footprint

04/27/2016 05:00 am

As one of the first adopters of comScore Xmedia, CNN is an ideal initial case study because the brand has a substantial audience footprint on TV, desktop and mobile. While CNN of course delivers video across each of these channels, this particular analysis goes beyond video to include audiences that visit any content under the CNN banner: on digital, that means any visitor to the CNN website and/or mobile app.

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4 points that brands should consider when using Media Programmatic in 2016

04/26/2016 06:05 am

The four pillars are Invalid Traffic (IVT) detection, viewability, audience reach and brand safety. Whilst they are distinct and detailed topics individually, having all four under control leads to an end result greater than the sum of its parts.

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comScore and Our Continued MRC Accreditation Momentum

04/22/2016 08:23 am

Today we are announcing that the audience component of Validated Campaign Essentials (vCE)—our digital ad campaign ratings service-- has received MRC accreditation. Coupled with the earlier accreditation of the validation component of vCE, comScore is now the first and only company to provide an MRC-accredited Viewable GRP. These two major accreditations, in rapid succession, represent great momentum with respect to the audit and accreditation process, and we couldn’t be more excited.

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Players vs Referees in the Digital Advertising World

04/12/2016 09:18 pm

In sport, a player attempting to officiate the game themselves will be quickly corrected by the indisputable decisions of the referee or umpire. In digital advertising, where all sides of the ecosystem have access to a multitude of first- and third-party tools, there is a more complex need to establish what precisely is being reported in each instance, and which numbers are suitable for the purposes of buying, selling or evaluating campaigns. Few publishers or ad servers would deliberately mislead current and potential advertising partners, but would naturally prefer to showcase their value using metrics and measures which show them in the best possible light.

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