Media Currencies: The Past, Present, and Future

10/14/2021 06:29 am

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The apparel e-commerce landscape in the Asia-Pacific Region

10/13/2021 09:18 pm

In many corners of Asia, e-commerce is being re-invented; and fashion, which constantly reinvents itself, greatly contributes to this dynamic. Therefore, in this week’s edition of Comscore Snapshots, we look at apparel e-commerce sites, where users can buy clothing online, in order to answer questions such as: What is the size of the market? Who are the major players in the sector? How has it been impacted by the pandemic?

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Can cookie-free audiences perform as well as cookie-based ones? Spoiler Alert: YES!

10/12/2021 07:32 am

What if you had easy access to not only cookie-free audience segments but also, those audiences performed at a lower cost? And what if they did so at prices that made sense and could be applied to CTV, digital, mobile, and podcast inventory?

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Los bancos y sus usuarios, preocupados por la sustentabilidad

10/04/2021 09:18 pm

La revista Harvard Business Review realizó una encuesta con las 500 empresas con mayor volumen de venta de Estados Unidos. En una de las preguntas, 465 CEO dijeron que sus empresas no deberían centrarse únicamente en sus beneficios sin preocuparse por los objetivos de impacto social y ambiental. Equivale al 93%, un porcentaje abrumador, casi unánime.

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How fashionable is the e-commerce landscape for apparel?

09/29/2021 09:22 pm

The pandemic has brought forward long-term trends across a range of sectors, and the fashion industry is no exception –online apparel shopping had taken hold well before the pandemic. The fact that it strikes at the heart of our identities – and the image we intend to project unto others – leads us to ask the following questions: Did people continue to buy clothes, despite the restrictions and lack of opportunity to wear them at social events or for work? Does the apparel market still have the same composition as before the pandemic? What can we expect as people return to their “normal lives”?

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