The Data of it All

08/24/2015 09:18 pm

For our own part, our metered panels of users that number into the millions worldwide, as well as an extensive network of tagged web, video and app entities, generate vast quantities of audience and consumption information that grows in scope and scale with every passing month. To give some sense of perspective, if a megabyte of data were to be represented by a spoonful of sand, comScore would currently store the equivalent of a stretch of beach 25 miles long, 30 metres wide and a foot deep. And we expect this to double in the next year.

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Challenges and Opportunities of Measurements in Mobile

08/20/2015 09:18 pm

Mobile has added further complexity to all of these measures, with many people now accounting for two or more devices. The term ‘mobile’ now encompasses smartphones through to tablets, with phablets sitting somewhere in between, and consumption via browsers and apps. This serves to highlight the added fragmentation that our customers, and therefore we at comScore, must handle when evaluating this burgeoning sector.

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Vietnam Coming of Digital Age

08/19/2015 09:18 pm

Increase in Disposable Income
A decade ago, the average Vietnamese consumer saved up his/her salary for years in order to buy a scooter. The purchase took the main share of his/her disposable income. According to Euromonitor, the annual disposable income in Vietnam grew by 35 per cent from 2011 to 2014, with consumer expenditure growing at the same rate and consumers are buying new smartphones and gadgets. They are also traveling a lot more, with the Vietnamese language now frequently heard in cities and airports from Singapore and Japan to the US. However, key consumer categories like healthcare, beauty care and luxury will lead market spending in the coming years.

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Millennials Boast Huge Social Networking Growth and Engagement on Smartphones, But Older Users Surprisingly Outpace Them on Tablets

08/12/2015 10:58 am

The category has shifted quickly to mobile, with 80% of time spent now coming from smartphones and tablets. Recent comScore Mobile Metrix data shows that preferences between tablets and smartphones for social media usage vary depending on the age of the user.

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Are Smartphones the Swiss Army Knife of the Millennial Generation?

07/29/2015 08:47 am

Think about your daily life for a minute: When was the last time you wrote down your plans in a paper calendar? Do you still use that radio alarm clock sitting by your bed? Do you still rely on that old MP3 player to listen to your music? Do you print out directions or refer to a paper map when traveling to an unfamiliar destination? Chances are that you used to practice most of these behaviors regularly, but have since gradually consolidated them into your smartphone. Old habits certainly die hard, but perhaps the exception to this rule is when something unmistakably more convenient comes along that gives you the same (or better) functionality as the old way of doing things. Why carry around a dozen separate tools when one Swiss army knife fits perfectly in your pocket?

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