Atualizações na estimativa do universo comScore Brasil

01/10/2018 06:00 am

A comScore atualiza regularmente as estimativas do seu universo de análise com base nos resultados mais recentes do estudo de enumeração. A partir dos dados de novembro de 2017, consideraremos as novas estimativas de universo do Brasil para os produtos:

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Perú vs Nueva Zelanda ¿Cómo se vivió en las redes sociales?

12/05/2017 06:00 am

La clasificación histórica de Perú al Mundial de Rusia 2018 generó un gran volumen de interacciones en las redes sociales. comScore realizó un reporte en base a las preferencias del público durante los dos partidos del repechaje entre Perú y Nueva Zelanda.

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Why Smart Speakers are Ready for Primetime this Holiday Season

12/01/2017 12:11 pm

As it turns out, consumers who bought the device liked it. And they found more use cases for it, from listening to music and news, to setting reminders and timers, to answering basic questions. Last year Amazon introduced the Echo Dot as a more affordable, entry-level device that quickly amassed interest and proved there was a market for this product category. Since then, Amazon has rapidly expanded and diversified its smart speaker offering to the Echo Look, Echo Show, Echo Plus and more. Other tech titans have also since entered the category, with Google Home garnering positive reviews and Apple getting ready to enter the market with the forthcoming HomePod.

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How Retailers Can Close the Loop between Planning and Sales in a Cross-Channel Environment

11/28/2017 05:00 am

All great holiday marketing begins with a break-through creative, but ultimate success depends on how well that creative is deployed to maximize its impact. The savviest marketers know that an effective media strategy – one that crosses platforms and closes the loop between planning and sales – is the key to winning in the holiday season.

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5 Trends for Retailers to Watch Out for this Holiday Season

11/21/2017 07:42 am

The 2017 holiday season is shaping up to be a promising one. Consumer discretionary spending has been bolstered throughout the year by low unemployment, a growing stock market and a more optimistic consumer. Although aggregate spending trends are pointed in the right direction, that’s not to say that every retailer is sharing in the gains proportionately. In fact, we’ve seen thousands of retail store closings, consumers shifting their spending toward different sectors of the retail economy and the rise of Amazon putting pressure on many retailers’ bottom lines.

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