Patriots Exceed Seahawks in Social Engagement Leading Up to Super Bowl XLIX

01/29/2015 01:17 pm

We analyzed the Twitter accounts of the teams that will play the Super Bowl this weekend. At the end of the game, Latin America recorded a higher rate of mentions on the Patriots account (@Patriots) compared to the Seahawks (@Seahawks). Even though Seattle had an impressive come-from-behind win against Green Bay, the Seahawks had fewer mentions than the Patriots, and this might have something to do with the fuss generated by the controversy of using deflated footballs and Tom Brady playing his 6th Super Bowl.

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Solving the Multi-Platform Video Measurement Challenge

01/26/2015 10:09 pm

But, what’s great for the consumer has proven a challenge for the media industry, particularly in terms of measuring digital video audiences across multiple platforms.  Refining existing methodologies to accurately account for person-centric digital video consumption across screens, has proven to be a formidable yet worthy challenge. Because measurement of digital video lagged behind the shift in consumer habits, real marketing dollars have been at stake. The issues have only become more pronounced in the past year – we’ve seen clear evidence of linear TV audiences begin to deteriorate as consumers shift their viewing to other platforms.

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comScore in Journal of Advertising Research on Topic of Omni-Channel Retailers and the Consumer Path-to-Purchase

01/26/2015 08:10 am

In the following article entitled “Omni-Channel Retail Insights and the Consumer’s Path-to-Purchase,” comScore Co-Founder and Chairman Emeritus Gian Fulgoni explains the complicated role that digital plays in making purchasing decisions. The article was recently published in the December 2014 issue of the Journal of Advertising Research and is reprinted with permission.

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Realizing the Promise of Programmatic through comScore Industry Trust

01/22/2015 06:02 am

But the current reality of programmatic clouds this dream. What’s holding back the market? It boils down to a lack of trust between buyers and sellers. Clients regularly ask us:

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Inside A Botnet: Athena and Ad Fraud

12/18/2014 07:28 am

To share with you some additional insight as to how botnets are used to create invalid traffic and ad impressions, let’s take a deeper look at the Athena botnet. Like other botnet codebases, Athena software was developed to control and manage a collection of hacked machines. The widely used Athena codebase was leaked in September 2013. Security vendors quickly detailed the botnet's inner workings (e.g., see here and here). However, because none of the write-ups discussed the impression fraud modules that were included in the codebase, I wanted to take the opportunity to fill that knowledge gap. Beyond its availability, Athena was selected as a good example of an impression fraud threat that can easily evade methods such as viewability checks and IP blacklists.

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