2015 Latin America Digital Future in Focus

05/22/2015 08:30 am

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Mobile Metrix Now Features Reporting of Mobile Ad Network Reach

05/20/2015 08:29 am

The increasing importance of mobile advertising can’t be overstated. Mobile now accounts for 62 percent of digital media time spent, signaling a massive shift in how digital consumers spend their time. Mobile advertising is also surging, with the IAB recently reporting year-over-year growth of 76 percent to $12.5 billion in 2014. But despite this rapid growth, ad dollars continue to lag consumers’ time and attention now devoted to mobile. This is often the case with the emergence of a new medium with dollars trailing the shift in eyeballs for a variety of reasons, including entrenched budget allocations, underdeveloped infrastructure to support the buying and selling of ads, and lack of measurement to prove the value of a new medium. Improved measurement of mobile audiences and advertising ultimately gives media buyers the information they need to justify investment in mobile and develop more integrated desktop and mobile campaigns.

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Digital Campaign Benchmarks: How Are Your Campaigns Performing Versus the Canadian Norms?

05/18/2015 09:00 am

  • For Advertisers, knowing your ads had the opportunity to be seen by the right target audience, in the right geography, in a brand safe environment and free of non-human traffic is critical to ensure your digital investment is well spent.
  • For Agencies, ensuring your media planning and execution delivers on client objectives is an absolute must to retain and grow business.
  • For Publishers, validating the quality and value of your inventory helps ensure you attract greater investment from media buyers.  

To help guide the industry to better understand campaign delivery on the whole, comScore releases industry benchmarks from the more than 200 billion impressions it measures across the globe from its comScore validated Campaign Essentials® (vCE) service. Industry benchmarks can be used to help set delivery expectations and provide a powerful indicator of relative campaign performance, but it’s important to remember that there is no normal when it comes to in-view and in-target rates.  ‘Normal’ can vary based on a number of factors such as campaign objective, size of target, placement and verticals. Further, as explained in our whitepaper Lessons Learned in Digital Advertising, 100% in-view and 100% in-target delivery is not a realistic expectation for a number of reasons including technology limitations, data availability and end-user behavior.

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The Vital Role Media Buyers Play in Fighting Ad Fraud

05/13/2015 06:58 am

The digital media industry has spent the last year trying to get to the bottom of ad fraud and non-human traffic (NHT). As the impacts of NHT became apparent – in not only wasted ad impressions, but also low viewability, skewed audience data and depressed ROI  – the industry has started drawing battle lines to defend its advertising territory. With this motivation, much of the media conversation has focused on how important it is for media sellers in the digital ad ecosystem to clean up the issue.

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Teens & Older Demos Driving Gains in U.S. Smartphone Penetration

05/08/2015 08:50 am

Millennials continue to be the pace-setters for smartphone adoption, with 18-24 year olds and 25-34 year olds both hovering around 90 percent adoption. While teens have historically had slower adoption rates than their slightly older counterparts, they have been making up ground quickly and are now at 85 percent. In general, the older the age demographic the more likely to be a laggard in smartphone adoption, with those age 65+ currently the only demographic group still below 50 percent.

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